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Our web development team has both the experience and expertise to integrate your vision into a powerful, user-friendly, super-fast, scalable, web applications.


We develop beautiful, robust and engaging Android apps with the popular technology stacks to give your products and services more power to reach larger user base.


We build innovative, powerful and engaging iOS apps with popular and the latest technologies maintaining the quality, performance, seamless user experience.

Web Design

We design creative, seamless, responsive websites by strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling in the design to make it more engaging.

UX/UI Design

We create user experience(UX) and UI design for mobile apps, web applications for better customer engagement embracing your brand's personality.

Logo Design

We unleash our power of creativity, art and emotion to design a logo so that it not only delivers the brand personality and quality but also carries the vision of the brand.

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Java is Powerful

More than 1 billion android apps uses java. If you are looking for proven, well structured, flexible, powerful, safer, API rich and enterprise ready solution then java is the way to go.

Kotlin is Modern

Expressive, concise, enterprise ready and supported as first class language for android.

Python is fun

Simple yet powerful, hugely popular and go-to language for Data Science and AI.

PHP is Mature

Mature, fast, secure, less expensive, huge community and widely supported language.

Swift is Elegent

Modern, powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS.

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Quest for Better Experiencelab.

We create innovative technologies that amplify the best of human nature.

01 . Needs

We explore and pin point the needs of the end users to meet them successfully.

02 . Emotions

We value human emotions and integrate it right into the heart of a solution.

03 . Behavior

We design and create seamless experience based on human behavioral patterns.

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< We have passion, power & purpose />
  • Alamin - Design Guru

    Qubexlab PHP and Java Guru. Enjoys creating web and mobile apps using PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, Java, Swift. Explore and experiment are his things.

  • Alamin - React Ninja

    Qubexlab React.js Ninja. Equally good at Java, Node.js, MongoDB, Wordpress. Always ready for challenges. A true sports lover and enjoys doing new things.

  • Alamin - JavaScript Player

    Qubexlab JavaScript Player. Give him any challenges of javaScript, Java, PHP, Swift and watch him coding - It's a delight. Always ready for new experiences.

  • Alamin - Node.js Crazy

    Qubexlab Node.js Crazy. Loves to work with React.js, Node.js, MongoDB and popular technologies like Laravel, Django, Wordpress etc. Food is his hobby.

  • Alamin - marketing pro

    Qubexlab Graphic Design Pro. Loves creating awesome UX, UI and Web designs that will blow your mind. Make things look good is his favorite thing to do.

8000 Hours + Individual Experience
500 Clients + Served Worldwide
100 Projects + Delivered Gracefully